Banner Continues to R.A.V.E. - Q2 Results are in!!!

We know that Summer is a particularly busy time for most of our team members so we want to send a special THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to nominate a RAVE worthy co-worker or peer, as well as to all of those who received a RAVE submission! There were three specific team members that stood out for going above and beyond this quarter. Read the comments below to see what fellow Banner Employees (and Residents!!!) had to say about the RAVE Winners and their outstanding achievements this past quarter!

Emma Wells - Office Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient

Assistant Property Manager, Tradition at Stonewater- North Carolina

"Emma was promoted to an Assistant [Manager] position in January of 2017. She immediately dove into her new responsibilities with tenacity and sharp attention to detail, taking every moment as a chance to learn and grow. Last quarter she averaged .03% in delinquency, her lowest .01% in June with only $26.26 [outstanding]. She exhibited strengths of those that have worked in the industry for years and has been such an amazing support system to [the Property Manager] and the two new leasing consultants. . . . Emma has found a way to expertly handle her new responsibilities while continuing to be a guide and resource to two leasing consultants brand new to our industry. She comes to our office every day ready to tackle a new challenge and has such a strong drive to master every aspect of her job."

Andrew Kilpatrick- Maintenance Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient

Maintenance Technician, The Enclave at Winghaven- Missouri

Andrew received [the below] Satisfacts [review] from a resident: "Andrew was fantastic! He arrived to a flood. The kitchen, entry way, dining area and master bath were soaked. The toilets wouldn't flush. I was at work. My disabled mother and minor teenager were the only ones there. As soon as Andrew arrived he took control of the situation. Got a plumber and [the contractors were] there [in] record time especially since it was the middle of the night. He took care of moving furniture. He calmed my Mother's nerves and reassured her that everything would be fine. This allowed me to stay at work. He made sure everything was done before he left. He even went a step above by leveling my dryer and taking the trash out for me! He saved the night!!! Very polite, professional, knowledgeable and a genuinely good person!!"

Shawna Lipp - Corporate Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient

Regional Manager - MO, TX

"I have seen a tremendous change in the way the STL Region operates and performs [since Shawna joined the Banner Family]. I know that she is doing more than just what is expected of her because I have never seen the STL Region run this well in the past. Shawna has found a way to not only hold all of her properties accountable for every little phase of operations and procedures but she has also had a great effect on [her whole team] as well. ...[T]he way Shawna runs her area has become Infectious [and] she has made me better at my job as well just by being involved in all aspects of our systems and operations. There is so much that has changed for the better in the STL Region since Shawna put on those Ruby Red Banner Slippers. [Some of her accomplishments include]: • Introduced the Site Audit Pro to every one for Inspections of all kinds. • Introduced the use of Shared Google Sheets that help everyone keep track of Projects and Up Grades. • Worked with the property managers to clean up areas such as Patio’s & Balconies and Common Stairwells. • Inspected and followed up on Interior & Exterior Property Repairs on all of her properties diligently. • Holds all her properties to their budgets. • She has raised the standard of the Property Conditions for all of her properties Interiors & Exteriors. • She has involved the Maintenance Teams in a lot of things that they previously had no participation in like, Cap-X Budget preparations, asking them for Ideas of ways to improve their properties, gathering staffs to help with the needy on several occasions. • Shawna has helped out with the North Carolina Region when we were down a Regional Manager in this area. • Shawna has also helped us with resistant contractors simply by calling a meeting to steam line time lines. [Shawna] always goes above and beyond the call of duty to do an extraordinary job taking care of her properties and people. She has a great hold on the goals and accountability for her region. [She] has dramatically changed the climate of her area.
Although there were fewer submissions for Q2, There are still some amazing things that you have been up to this past quarter and we want to recognize you all for it! Please read on to see other RAVE worthy submissions we received about your fellow co-workers and peers!

Ivis Montero; Property Accounting Manager - BPM Corporate Northbrook, IL

"[Ivis has a strong] desire to set a positive leadership example.Over the past two quarters, Ivis has been open to not only having her team assemble with our training group to: 1.) create a more regular and on-going dialogue about training and support so that small issues that cause hiccups in the timely financial reporting process can be knocked out, but also 2.) encouraging learning opportunities in communication, etc. She has spearheaded team meetings with Penny and Lindsey to open up positive lines of communication between several departments (training, accounting, operations). Terrific attitude about improving relations between different teams in the company."

Arnulfo (Alex) Martinez; Maintenance Supervisor at Autumn Ridge - Illinois

"[Alex] has installed new lighting in hallways, painted fire hydrants, planted flowers as well as come in early to water the bushes when weather was extremely hot. He can be frugal because he prefers to fix everything and has a wonderful personality. He is a breath of fresh air and I am lucky to have him as my Maintenance Supervisor. Mr. Martinez is an excellent leader, extremely knowledgeable and reliable. He has been an asset to the property and the company."

Kellie Wingold; Property Manager at Tradition at Stonewater - North Carolina

"[Kellie has excelled at] creating an amazing work team and environment! Over the past several months, our office transformed into a whole new team and a whole new office. We have had member’s leave, member’s join, and member’s move around to different positions within the office. And not to mention, our office was under construction during all of the shuffling! Throughout all the juggling and changes, Kellie has remained a source of consistency within the office. Not only is she selecting new team members, and filling holes where needed, she is focused on training our team and creating a work environment for all of us to thrive. Kellie provides the tools needed to succeed for our team, and is always open to help along the way or answer any questions we have. She has truly been the stability in our office as we undergo all kinds of changing!"