We just can't get enough! Raving about our Q3 All-stars!!!

We just can't get enough!  Raving about our Q3 All-stars!!!

Congratulations to all of our team members who were nominated this past quarter! There were four specific team members that stood out for going above and beyond. Read the comments below to see what fellow Banner Employees had to say about the RAVE Winners and their outstanding achievements this past quarter:

Tabitha Daveler - Office Team Member Q3 RAVE Award Recipient Property Manager, Stonewood Village - Wisconsin

Keith Barr - Maintenance Team Member Q3 RAVE Award Recipient Maintenance Supervisor, Westview Apartments - Michigan

Lindsey Colby / Greg Schwantes - Corporate Team Member(s) Q3 RAVE Award Recipient BPM Corporate

What fantastic submissions we received this quarter! Please read on to see other RAVE worthy submissions we received about your co-workers and peers!

"Creating and Following Through with Cap Ex 2019 Projects. I do not have enough kind words to say about Ken, and how he helped me during the 3rd Quarter. As we all know during Q3, we have a lot going on from Budgets to getting bids ready for the 2019 Cap Ex Walks and getting them in the server. I was personally flying from one state to the next and was falling behind on getting my regions started on the 2019 Capital Bids. Ken jumped right in and sent out our Google Drive preliminary sheet for sites to load their wants/wishes/needs list. He helped review them and created a scope of work for projects to help the managers get bids apple to apples. I know he himself has been busy flying around the country too, but he truly saved me and kept me together this year for our Capital Walks!" Ken Eisenbeis; Project Manager - Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona

“She has been really awesome this quarter with a budget due and what seems like an endless line of issues appearing throughout the whole quarter. I couldn't ask for a better manager that's so willing to teach and guide her team considering I'm brand new to leasing and that we are down one maintenance tech for a little over a month now. When everything gets overwhelming and it seems like too much work for such a small amount of time she is always the person that we turn to because she always has the solution to the problem at hand while keeping morale high. I think JaiDa should win the award because she genuinely cares about the property and everyone that lives in it. No matter what the issue that she gets presented with she always finds a way to resolve it while still maintaining the company's standards. Even when I served time in the military where nothing meant more than your brothers and sisters that stand next to you, she somehow has matched that sense of family and support which is a very hard quality to find in leadership.” JaiDa Burkett; Property Manager at Wellington at Willow Bend - Texas

"Both Joe and Alex work behind the scenes to put together packages for committee meetings on tight schedules to benefit the Committee Members and the rest of the development team. Joe and Alex work like a one two punch, researching potential areas for development and project deals from coast to coast. No matter the time of day they are responsive to the tight timelines and tasks asked of them. They show an eagerness to learn, take on new tasks and work to make the development team the best it can be." Joe Schindler & Alex Schmitt - Development Analysts - BPM Corporate

"Tim has been working alone here since August 30, 2018. He has kept the property in tip top shape during this time and has completed 150 work orders, all on the day they were called in. He has completed five turns during this time and they averaged a 10 day turnaround. Tim has also kept the corrals free of garbage while fighting the bees and even got stung a few times. Tim had to prep the boilers for the season and continue to keep up with the common area maintenance in all the buildings. He also gathered bids for Cap Ex as well as bids for inclusion in the 2019 budget. The icing on the cake was when Kent was here for our Cap Walk, he specifically mentioned how impressed he was with how wonderful the property looked even though Tim has been alone for the past 2 months. Tim has always had a great work ethic and comes to work with a positive attitude even when doing the work of two people. He is extremely well liked by all the residents and his SatisFacts work order scores consistently average 4.75%. He is a very dedicated and hardworking member of the Rosewood team!" Tim Lila; Maintenance Supervisor at Rosewood Apartments - Illinois

"Helene worked really hard on our storage development projects. Every time we see Helene she is always cheerful and extremely nice. She is a pleasure to work with and in development, we can't say enough how much we appreciate her hard work and attitude!" Helene Vicker; Development Accounting - BPM Corporate