Q2 RAVE Awards - Raves Keep Rollin' In!

Q2 RAVE Awards - Raves Keep Rollin' In!

Congratulations to all of our team members who were nominated this past quarter! There were three specific team members that stood out for going above and beyond. Read the comments below to see what fellow Banner Employees had to say about the RAVE Winners and their outstanding achievements this past quarter.

Alexis Caldwell - Office Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient Leasing Consultant, The Enclave at Winghaven - Missouri

Thuong Tran- Maintenance Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient Maintenance Technician, Riachi at One21- Texas

Robert Thomashow- Corporate Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient Development Associate - BPM Corporate

What fantastic submissions we received this quarter! Please read on to see other RAVE worthy submissions we received about your co-workers and peers!

"Lennon joined the legal department full time when we were understaffed, and unusually busy with balancing multiple complex deals, in addition to managing the usual day-to-day grind. He learned the Banner corporate structure quickly, and has helped us to run these closings smoothly. Lennon remains cool-headed during chaos, and has already made a number of suggestions for how the department can run more efficiently. He is a quick learner and has been great support over the last few month".

Lennon Jones; Legal Project Manager - BPM Corporate

" Tabitha has been taking over the duties of the manager as we don't have one right now. She has done this job well and cheerfully, all the while completing her own duties and keeping [the team] in line. I believe that Tabitha is setting a great example of what a person should do when needed, stepping up wholeheartedly, not complaining, setting a great example for all."

Tabitha Daveler; Assistant Property Manager at Stonewood Village - Wisconsin

" Rebecca refinished two pieces of furniture from our business center. She did an amazing job on both pieces. She was very dedicated through the whole process of doing this. There was a time when the finish was bubbling and she had her husband come and help her to figure out how to get rid of them. She ended up having to re-sand the table and start over and she did this with a smiling face. Rebecca worked on this many times in the evening and weekends when she was not schedules to work. She put a lot of hard work and time in to this project and it really showed at the end. Both of these pieces look amazing and we get many compliments on them!"

Rebecca Durrant; Assistant Property Manager at The Enclave at Winghaven - Missouri

" Shawna Created a Meeting Schedule for Cap-X Projects. Shawna has dramatically changed the way we stay on track with Cap-X project in her area - STL, WI, TX, AZ. She scheduled a cap-x meeting that happens every other Friday where all of the Property Managers & Maintenance Supervisors and Project Manager go through each project that is on the date schedule for that month to monitor and make sure all of these project are on track and the progress is kept up to date in the notes column and on the progress meter scale. This has actuality been taking please for approx 2- years now however, these meetings are really rolling now and this has made a huge difference in our project completion performances. This also prepares us for our bi weekly cap-x meeting with Cheryl Brock. I think that Shawna is an awesome thinker and planner and should be rewarded for her efforts."

Shawna Lipp; Regional Manager; Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, Arizona

"On Friday, June 22nd the courtyard between buildings 675 and 650 started filling with water [in less than eight minutes]. The Property was getting ready for a HUD physical inspection called REAC, which was scheduled for the following Monday. At this point, the water was up to all of our knees as we searched with broom handles to find the drain, [...]our team knew that the cause was not a clogged drain and we had a larger issue at hand. Our next goal was to find other drains on the property to see if they were clogged and could take on some of this excess water. At this point we had water coming up to five first floor units in the 675 building. The team raced over to the drain by the 660 building, a sidewalk which now had a current of water, to find the other drain. [W}e found that there were two apartments at the 660 building which were at risk of flooding. Keith and Dallas then went to the pond, as there is a large drain within it. About two hours after discovering the flood, the water had been pumped out of the courtyard and no units took on water. The following Monday, the Property had the physical inspection without any issues. The stellar work of all team members at Autumn Ridge prevented a possible disaster and I wanted to rave about all of them. While RAVE Awards are usually nominated for individuals who went above and beyond with exemplary action, and there is no team category, I feel the need to Rave about the entire team at Autumn Ridge and their work on Friday, June 22nd in preventing what could have been a disastrous flood days before a HUD REAC Inspection."

Keith Barr & Dallas Miller; Maintenance Team - Autumn Ridge Apartments