Q1 Rave Winners Announced - Congrats All!!!

Q1 Rave Winners Announced - Congrats All!!!

We are excited to announce the winners of our Q1 RAVE Awards: Corporate - Tina Pater, Office Team Member - Brian Gibbons, and Maintenance Team Member - Michael Cooper! Way to go! Check out their winning accomplishments HERE.

Below are the other entrants and their accomplishments

Charles Moore; Maintenance Technician at Ansley Falls - North Carolina Charles .has proven to be one of the best employees Banner has been fortunate enough to hire. Charles started off the year at Ansley Falls without a maintenance supervisor for the first two months. He led the property’s maintenance operations fulfilling all roles of a supervisor. Charles and his team member Kevin worked any hours necessary, completing 30 turns, 329 work orders, and a weekend of fire watch within the two month period, while maintaining an average work order score of 4.89! Not only did Charles operate Ansley Falls to its fullest potential, but he assisted his coworkers at the neighboring property, Parkside at South Tryon, on over 10 separate occasions with turns and work orders, even skipping lunch to lend a hand. It is a rarity to find the level of dedication that Charles shows on a day to day basis. His work ethic not only shows the amount of work he accomplishes but also the level of influence and inspiration he imparts on his co-workers to achieve their own high level of excellence.

Anique Wilson; Assistant Property Manager at Parkside at South Tryon - North Carolina. Anique has been at Parkside since the day we took the property over on Aug 21st and started as a Leasing Agent. She was promoted to assistant manager in Nov. In the beginning of the quarter, the Property Manager had to take some time off and Anique stepped up and handled the managerial duties with a smile. Anique is over all social events. She hosts events with up to 35 children at a time and doesn't miss a beat. She is always willing to help no matter what the task at hand. She goes above and beyond to assist her co-workers and residents. She maintains a positive attitude. She consistently looks for ways to reduce expenses when holding her social events. Anique is a true team player!

Jennifer Nichols; Corporate Deputy General Counsel - BPM Corporate. Jen created a newsletter to keep everyone within Banner informed and connected. I only get a glimpse of how busy everyone on our legal team is, but I understand and appreciate how hard they all work, and Jen is no exception. She felt that communication of what is going on within the organization is so important that she added creating a quarterly newsletter to her already overflowing plate. This will keep all of our team members across the country informed of and connected to all things Banner. Thanks, Jen!

Jamee Miller; Assistant Property Manager at Autumn Ridge Apartments - Illinois. Jamee started at Autumn Ridge in the last week of December. At that point, many of the re-certification files for the Tax Credit and Project Based Section 8 were past due or well into their third notice. Within one quarter, the property has no re-cert files that are past due. This was all due to Jamee's hard work and due diligence. Now Jamee came from Garden Estates, a property that had similar paperwork, but no leasing requirements. Even though this portion of her job was new to her, she has excelled. A perfect example was that she received a 100% on her very first phone shop. Jamee is a superstar and by far one of the best Assistant Managers I've ever had the privilege of working with. Not only is Jamee always willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure that the property is running smoothly, she puts in the extra effort with a smile on her face.

Maggie Sequeira; Property Manager at The Enclave at Winghaven - Missouri . I just want to recognize Maggie for her very determined approach to all issues; she has had several out-of-ordinary issues this quarter for a property manager, issues for which she's had to take off [the] property manager hat and focus on things outside [of] the operations realm. She's always determined to handle all aspects of [the] job professionally and thoroughly.

Alexis Caldwell & Tori Oliver; Leasing Consultants at The Enclave at Winghaven - Missouri. Our property had been trending much lower than [budgeted expectations] . We had a goal for the leasing staff to get 30 leases in 60 days. This goal started on 2/15/18 and by 4/1/18 they had reached their goal. They actually got 30 leases in 45 days and they did this with only two leasing [consultants]. These two girls really stepped up their game and hustled to make this goal happen. They did an exceptional job for The Enclave and Banner.

Trish Faedtke; Administrative Assistant - Croporate, Northbrook. Trish should win a RAVE award because she does the work most of us don't (or wouldn't) want to do. As office manager, she orders our supplies, takes care of the mail, and cleans the kitchen. As receptionist, she greets all who come in our doors everyday, handles solicitors, and delivers our lunch orders. [Since] January, Trish added HR Assistant to her title and took on many additional responsibilities without complaint. I truly appreciate Trish's help with everything and want her to know she's a valuable part of the Banner team!

Jaime Robbins; Leasing Consultant at Ansley Falls - North Carolina. Jamie started at Ansley Falls on a Thursday as the second full time employee within the office. His first Monday he found out that his only coworker would be out of the office for [the entire] week. Without any yardi, LRO, or rent dynamics experience Jamie was able maintain the property standards, leveraging his leasing experience from student housing and acquiring two new leases in this time period! The fearlessness Jamie showed that first week set the stage for what to come. Since then Jamie has proven to be an invaluable asset in overcoming difficult or emergency situations that arise in property management.

Kellie Wingold; Property Manager at Summermill at Falls River - North Carolina. Kellie started with Banner as Property Manager at Tradition at Stonewater. Kellie did an excellent job at Tradition. Summermill at Falls River was having operational issues. I asked Kellie if she would take on a new project and go to Summermill. Kellie started at Summermill mid Nov. She has gotten the property to their budgeted occupancy and fully staffed. Kellie also has mentored her replacement at Tradition while getting Summermill back on track. Kellie is a true team leader and team player. She is constantly looking for ways to improve occupancy, increase rents and save on expenses at both properties she has managed. She also has been a tremendous support to her sister properties as a mentor.

Margo Conley; Vice President of Development - BREG Self Storage. Margo has been with Banner since last fall and has really been sort of an internal brand ambassador for her team; being new in development, she travels a lot throughout the west coast for Banner, trying to source deals and make new storage development happen. She is based out in LA, so she communicates mostly by distance (technology), but is so gracious with her time. Even with a hectic schedule, she has made time to present a subject matter expert webinar, helping folks outside the development group understand their process of building stuff, and she makes it a point to be up in Chicago at least once per month. While she's there, she is so good about popping in just to catch up with people, even if they are not in her direct orbit. It's so refreshing. Our time and interactions with people are a gift, everyone wants to say they're so busy..Margo has been so gracious with her time and is always friendly, warm, and professional, making it a priority to forge personal connections.

Zach Bagot; Property Manager at Ansley Falls -North Carolina. Zach joined Banner as an Assistant Manager during the purchase of Parkside at South Tryon. Zach shined in his role and eventually he was promoted to be the Property Manager at Ansley Falls. During Zach’s time at Ansley Falls, Zach has been able to display his stellar customer service skills and multi-tasking abilities. Zach has not had the benefit of having a full team in place but he has put in the time and effort to keep the property functioning efficiently. Zach has always shown that he has the willingness to learn and grow within his current role with Banner. Zach can be described as someone who is good at thinking “outside the box”. He also has displayed the ability to empower his team members and find the value in their feedback.