Congratulations to all of our team members who were nominated this past quarter! There were four specific team members that stood out for going above and beyond. Read the comments below to see what fellow Banner Employees had to say about the RAVE Winners and their outstanding achievements this past quarter:

Tabitha Daveler - Office Team Member Q3 RAVE Award Recipient Property Manager, Stonewood Village - Wisconsin

Keith Barr - Maintenance Team Member Q3 RAVE Award Recipient Maintenance Supervisor, Westview Apartments - Michigan

Lindsey Colby / Greg Schwantes - Corporate Team Member(s) Q3 RAVE Award Recipient BPM Corporate

What fantastic submissions we received this quarter! Please read on to see other RAVE worthy submissions we received about your co-workers and peers!

"Creating and Following Through with Cap Ex 2019 Projects. I do not have enough kind words to say about Ken, and how he helped me during the 3rd Quarter. As we all know during Q3, we have a lot going on from Budgets to getting bids ready for the 2019 Cap Ex Walks and getting them in the server. I was personally flying from one state to the next and was falling behind on getting my regions started on the 2019 Capital Bids. Ken jumped right in and sent out our Google Drive preliminary sheet for sites to load their wants/wishes/needs list. He helped review them and created a scope of work for projects to help the managers get bids apple to apples. I know he himself has been busy flying around the country too, but he truly saved me and kept me together this year for our Capital Walks!" Ken Eisenbeis; Project Manager - Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona

“She has been really awesome this quarter with a budget due and what seems like an endless line of issues appearing throughout the whole quarter. I couldn't ask for a better manager that's so willing to teach and guide her team considering I'm brand new to leasing and that we are down one maintenance tech for a little over a month now. When everything gets overwhelming and it seems like too much work for such a small amount of time she is always the person that we turn to because she always has the solution to the problem at hand while keeping morale high. I think JaiDa should win the award because she genuinely cares about the property and everyone that lives in it. No matter what the issue that she gets presented with she always finds a way to resolve it while still maintaining the company's standards. Even when I served time in the military where nothing meant more than your brothers and sisters that stand next to you, she somehow has matched that sense of family and support which is a very hard quality to find in leadership.” JaiDa Burkett; Property Manager at Wellington at Willow Bend - Texas

"Both Joe and Alex work behind the scenes to put together packages for committee meetings on tight schedules to benefit the Committee Members and the rest of the development team. Joe and Alex work like a one two punch, researching potential areas for development and project deals from coast to coast. No matter the time of day they are responsive to the tight timelines and tasks asked of them. They show an eagerness to learn, take on new tasks and work to make the development team the best it can be." Joe Schindler & Alex Schmitt - Development Analysts - BPM Corporate

"Tim has been working alone here since August 30, 2018. He has kept the property in tip top shape during this time and has completed 150 work orders, all on the day they were called in. He has completed five turns during this time and they averaged a 10 day turnaround. Tim has also kept the corrals free of garbage while fighting the bees and even got stung a few times. Tim had to prep the boilers for the season and continue to keep up with the common area maintenance in all the buildings. He also gathered bids for Cap Ex as well as bids for inclusion in the 2019 budget. The icing on the cake was when Kent was here for our Cap Walk, he specifically mentioned how impressed he was with how wonderful the property looked even though Tim has been alone for the past 2 months. Tim has always had a great work ethic and comes to work with a positive attitude even when doing the work of two people. He is extremely well liked by all the residents and his SatisFacts work order scores consistently average 4.75%. He is a very dedicated and hardworking member of the Rosewood team!" Tim Lila; Maintenance Supervisor at Rosewood Apartments - Illinois

"Helene worked really hard on our storage development projects. Every time we see Helene she is always cheerful and extremely nice. She is a pleasure to work with and in development, we can't say enough how much we appreciate her hard work and attitude!" Helene Vicker; Development Accounting - BPM Corporate

Banner places a large emphasis on its online reputation. We love feedback and encourage opportunities to improve. This year we have Two properties who beat out the rest of their competition and ranked on MFE's ORA power rankings for their region.

Congrats Whisper Hollow and Park 44!!!

For all of St Louis, our properties had the 6th highest ORA score and the 9th highest ORA score. The average score for their market was 62 and Whisper has an 89 and Park 44 an 88. Way to go teams!!!!

At Banner we love to play as hard as we work. This is evident in our creative and engaging company events. Every region hosts an outing called Bannerfest for employees to bond, explore their city, and take a day off.

In late October, the North Carolina region hosted their Bannerfest by participating in a city wide scavenger hunt with a group called StrayBoots. Each team ventured into Raleigh taking pictures at various locations until their goals were met. The winner was team “Pretty in Pink” and they secured themselves bragging rights for the rest of the year. Way to go team! Do you want to do fun stuff like this more often? Share an idea on our website for future company and resident outings.

Check out more pictures on Instagram

Congratulations to all of our team members who were nominated this past quarter! There were three specific team members that stood out for going above and beyond. Read the comments below to see what fellow Banner Employees had to say about the RAVE Winners and their outstanding achievements this past quarter.

Alexis Caldwell - Office Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient Leasing Consultant, The Enclave at Winghaven - Missouri

Thuong Tran- Maintenance Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient Maintenance Technician, Riachi at One21- Texas

Robert Thomashow- Corporate Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient Development Associate - BPM Corporate

What fantastic submissions we received this quarter! Please read on to see other RAVE worthy submissions we received about your co-workers and peers!

"Lennon joined the legal department full time when we were understaffed, and unusually busy with balancing multiple complex deals, in addition to managing the usual day-to-day grind. He learned the Banner corporate structure quickly, and has helped us to run these closings smoothly. Lennon remains cool-headed during chaos, and has already made a number of suggestions for how the department can run more efficiently. He is a quick learner and has been great support over the last few month".

Lennon Jones; Legal Project Manager - BPM Corporate

" Tabitha has been taking over the duties of the manager as we don't have one right now. She has done this job well and cheerfully, all the while completing her own duties and keeping [the team] in line. I believe that Tabitha is setting a great example of what a person should do when needed, stepping up wholeheartedly, not complaining, setting a great example for all."

Tabitha Daveler; Assistant Property Manager at Stonewood Village - Wisconsin

" Rebecca refinished two pieces of furniture from our business center. She did an amazing job on both pieces. She was very dedicated through the whole process of doing this. There was a time when the finish was bubbling and she had her husband come and help her to figure out how to get rid of them. She ended up having to re-sand the table and start over and she did this with a smiling face. Rebecca worked on this many times in the evening and weekends when she was not schedules to work. She put a lot of hard work and time in to this project and it really showed at the end. Both of these pieces look amazing and we get many compliments on them!"

Rebecca Durrant; Assistant Property Manager at The Enclave at Winghaven - Missouri

" Shawna Created a Meeting Schedule for Cap-X Projects. Shawna has dramatically changed the way we stay on track with Cap-X project in her area - STL, WI, TX, AZ. She scheduled a cap-x meeting that happens every other Friday where all of the Property Managers & Maintenance Supervisors and Project Manager go through each project that is on the date schedule for that month to monitor and make sure all of these project are on track and the progress is kept up to date in the notes column and on the progress meter scale. This has actuality been taking please for approx 2- years now however, these meetings are really rolling now and this has made a huge difference in our project completion performances. This also prepares us for our bi weekly cap-x meeting with Cheryl Brock. I think that Shawna is an awesome thinker and planner and should be rewarded for her efforts."

Shawna Lipp; Regional Manager; Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, Arizona

"On Friday, June 22nd the courtyard between buildings 675 and 650 started filling with water [in less than eight minutes]. The Property was getting ready for a HUD physical inspection called REAC, which was scheduled for the following Monday. At this point, the water was up to all of our knees as we searched with broom handles to find the drain, [...]our team knew that the cause was not a clogged drain and we had a larger issue at hand. Our next goal was to find other drains on the property to see if they were clogged and could take on some of this excess water. At this point we had water coming up to five first floor units in the 675 building. The team raced over to the drain by the 660 building, a sidewalk which now had a current of water, to find the other drain. [W}e found that there were two apartments at the 660 building which were at risk of flooding. Keith and Dallas then went to the pond, as there is a large drain within it. About two hours after discovering the flood, the water had been pumped out of the courtyard and no units took on water. The following Monday, the Property had the physical inspection without any issues. The stellar work of all team members at Autumn Ridge prevented a possible disaster and I wanted to rave about all of them. While RAVE Awards are usually nominated for individuals who went above and beyond with exemplary action, and there is no team category, I feel the need to Rave about the entire team at Autumn Ridge and their work on Friday, June 22nd in preventing what could have been a disastrous flood days before a HUD REAC Inspection."

Keith Barr & Dallas Miller; Maintenance Team - Autumn Ridge Apartments

We are thrilled to announce the newest community of the Banner Family... Welcome Audere Apartments in Phoenix Arizona!

Audere Apartments is a 220 unit mid-rise community in the Biltmore/Midtown district of Phoenix. With the property we are adding 5 new employees and 350+ new residents. While this is a new region for Banner, we are excited for the challenge, the heat, and to provide the superior service that makes our company enjoyable to live at, work for, and work with.

If you want to learn more about Audere Apartments, CLICK HERE for our property website. There you can see the upscale and unique finishes of the community, countless floorplan offerings, top-notch amenities, as well as connect with our social accounts.

Live Bold. Live Audere

In sunny San Diego, California, the National Apartment Association held its annual conference Apartmentalize 2018. The conference was attended by roughly 10,000 of the country's top multifamily employees providing networking opportunities, an unbeatable tradeshow, and countless education sessions.

This year, we had two team members representing Banner as a thought leader in the industry who presented to rooms of eager learners. Congratulations to Steve Matre and Michael DeFrang!!!

Steve presented with a colleague on Training Your Talent - With continued innovation in rental housing, training is a must, but how? Examine today’s training landscape and the industry’s unique challenges: growing portfolios, geographically dispersed regions, so many job types and a world defined by distraction.

Michael presented on a panel on Maximizing the ROI of Service Based Amenities - Across property management, physical amenities (fitness centers, swimming pools, etc.) are integral to resident satisfaction. More recently, service-based amenities have played a larger role and personalized service will ultimately move the needle on resident retention and satisfaction. Explore proven ways to leverage resident surveys and market the results using user-driven data. Measure success via renewal percentage, referral percentage, and other forms of data-driven thinking to maximize ROI.

Way to go team Banner!!!

We are excited to announce the winners of our Q1 RAVE Awards: Corporate - Tina Pater, Office Team Member - Brian Gibbons, and Maintenance Team Member - Michael Cooper! Way to go! Check out their winning accomplishments HERE.

Below are the other entrants and their accomplishments

Charles Moore; Maintenance Technician at Ansley Falls - North Carolina Charles .has proven to be one of the best employees Banner has been fortunate enough to hire. Charles started off the year at Ansley Falls without a maintenance supervisor for the first two months. He led the property’s maintenance operations fulfilling all roles of a supervisor. Charles and his team member Kevin worked any hours necessary, completing 30 turns, 329 work orders, and a weekend of fire watch within the two month period, while maintaining an average work order score of 4.89! Not only did Charles operate Ansley Falls to its fullest potential, but he assisted his coworkers at the neighboring property, Parkside at South Tryon, on over 10 separate occasions with turns and work orders, even skipping lunch to lend a hand. It is a rarity to find the level of dedication that Charles shows on a day to day basis. His work ethic not only shows the amount of work he accomplishes but also the level of influence and inspiration he imparts on his co-workers to achieve their own high level of excellence.

Anique Wilson; Assistant Property Manager at Parkside at South Tryon - North Carolina. Anique has been at Parkside since the day we took the property over on Aug 21st and started as a Leasing Agent. She was promoted to assistant manager in Nov. In the beginning of the quarter, the Property Manager had to take some time off and Anique stepped up and handled the managerial duties with a smile. Anique is over all social events. She hosts events with up to 35 children at a time and doesn't miss a beat. She is always willing to help no matter what the task at hand. She goes above and beyond to assist her co-workers and residents. She maintains a positive attitude. She consistently looks for ways to reduce expenses when holding her social events. Anique is a true team player!

Jennifer Nichols; Corporate Deputy General Counsel - BPM Corporate. Jen created a newsletter to keep everyone within Banner informed and connected. I only get a glimpse of how busy everyone on our legal team is, but I understand and appreciate how hard they all work, and Jen is no exception. She felt that communication of what is going on within the organization is so important that she added creating a quarterly newsletter to her already overflowing plate. This will keep all of our team members across the country informed of and connected to all things Banner. Thanks, Jen!

Jamee Miller; Assistant Property Manager at Autumn Ridge Apartments - Illinois. Jamee started at Autumn Ridge in the last week of December. At that point, many of the re-certification files for the Tax Credit and Project Based Section 8 were past due or well into their third notice. Within one quarter, the property has no re-cert files that are past due. This was all due to Jamee's hard work and due diligence. Now Jamee came from Garden Estates, a property that had similar paperwork, but no leasing requirements. Even though this portion of her job was new to her, she has excelled. A perfect example was that she received a 100% on her very first phone shop. Jamee is a superstar and by far one of the best Assistant Managers I've ever had the privilege of working with. Not only is Jamee always willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure that the property is running smoothly, she puts in the extra effort with a smile on her face.

Maggie Sequeira; Property Manager at The Enclave at Winghaven - Missouri . I just want to recognize Maggie for her very determined approach to all issues; she has had several out-of-ordinary issues this quarter for a property manager, issues for which she's had to take off [the] property manager hat and focus on things outside [of] the operations realm. She's always determined to handle all aspects of [the] job professionally and thoroughly.

Alexis Caldwell & Tori Oliver; Leasing Consultants at The Enclave at Winghaven - Missouri. Our property had been trending much lower than [budgeted expectations] . We had a goal for the leasing staff to get 30 leases in 60 days. This goal started on 2/15/18 and by 4/1/18 they had reached their goal. They actually got 30 leases in 45 days and they did this with only two leasing [consultants]. These two girls really stepped up their game and hustled to make this goal happen. They did an exceptional job for The Enclave and Banner.

Trish Faedtke; Administrative Assistant - Croporate, Northbrook. Trish should win a RAVE award because she does the work most of us don't (or wouldn't) want to do. As office manager, she orders our supplies, takes care of the mail, and cleans the kitchen. As receptionist, she greets all who come in our doors everyday, handles solicitors, and delivers our lunch orders. [Since] January, Trish added HR Assistant to her title and took on many additional responsibilities without complaint. I truly appreciate Trish's help with everything and want her to know she's a valuable part of the Banner team!

Jaime Robbins; Leasing Consultant at Ansley Falls - North Carolina. Jamie started at Ansley Falls on a Thursday as the second full time employee within the office. His first Monday he found out that his only coworker would be out of the office for [the entire] week. Without any yardi, LRO, or rent dynamics experience Jamie was able maintain the property standards, leveraging his leasing experience from student housing and acquiring two new leases in this time period! The fearlessness Jamie showed that first week set the stage for what to come. Since then Jamie has proven to be an invaluable asset in overcoming difficult or emergency situations that arise in property management.

Kellie Wingold; Property Manager at Summermill at Falls River - North Carolina. Kellie started with Banner as Property Manager at Tradition at Stonewater. Kellie did an excellent job at Tradition. Summermill at Falls River was having operational issues. I asked Kellie if she would take on a new project and go to Summermill. Kellie started at Summermill mid Nov. She has gotten the property to their budgeted occupancy and fully staffed. Kellie also has mentored her replacement at Tradition while getting Summermill back on track. Kellie is a true team leader and team player. She is constantly looking for ways to improve occupancy, increase rents and save on expenses at both properties she has managed. She also has been a tremendous support to her sister properties as a mentor.

Margo Conley; Vice President of Development - BREG Self Storage. Margo has been with Banner since last fall and has really been sort of an internal brand ambassador for her team; being new in development, she travels a lot throughout the west coast for Banner, trying to source deals and make new storage development happen. She is based out in LA, so she communicates mostly by distance (technology), but is so gracious with her time. Even with a hectic schedule, she has made time to present a subject matter expert webinar, helping folks outside the development group understand their process of building stuff, and she makes it a point to be up in Chicago at least once per month. While she's there, she is so good about popping in just to catch up with people, even if they are not in her direct orbit. It's so refreshing. Our time and interactions with people are a gift, everyone wants to say they're so busy..Margo has been so gracious with her time and is always friendly, warm, and professional, making it a priority to forge personal connections.

Zach Bagot; Property Manager at Ansley Falls -North Carolina. Zach joined Banner as an Assistant Manager during the purchase of Parkside at South Tryon. Zach shined in his role and eventually he was promoted to be the Property Manager at Ansley Falls. During Zach’s time at Ansley Falls, Zach has been able to display his stellar customer service skills and multi-tasking abilities. Zach has not had the benefit of having a full team in place but he has put in the time and effort to keep the property functioning efficiently. Zach has always shown that he has the willingness to learn and grow within his current role with Banner. Zach can be described as someone who is good at thinking “outside the box”. He also has displayed the ability to empower his team members and find the value in their feedback.

Banner and all of its communities have officially been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB stands for marketplace trust and sees trust as a function of both integrity and performance. Banner will proudly display its seal and continue to uphold the values of the BBB.

In order to become accredited with this prestigious organization, the company must follow the BBB Standards for Trust. While a company can request accreditation, Banner was approached for its impressive track record of ethical decision, timely responses, and customer transparency.

At Banner we recognize that our business is about people first. Our mission is to deliver superior service to our investors and our residents while providing support and guidance to our employees. Banner’s success is attained by adhering to the following core values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Dedication

If you wish to learn more about the BBB or submit feedback on Banner, visit the BBB Website.

Four Chicago-area commercial real estate professionals and two leading companies were honored for excellence and outstanding contributions to the property management industry March 2 at the 14th Annual IREM Chicago Premier Awards. Congratulations Steve Matre on your award!

Steve won the 2018 CPM of the Year award for his many contributions to Banner as well as the Chicagoland Apartment Association. One of Banner's core values is Dedication. Being dedicated to the development of our employees and the success of our company. Steve personifies dedication as the Director of Education and Human Resources, an accomplished speaker, and a CPM with IREM.

Steve has been a mentor and model Banner team member for many years and it's always nice to see accomplishment recognized. Way to go, Steve!!!

J Turner Research announces the 2017 Elite 1% ORA™ Power Ranking of properties for online reputation in the nation. Now in its fourth year, the annual ranking is based on an exhaustive research of over 71,000 properties across multiple review sites. It is released in association with our media partner, Multifamily Executive. A total of 977 properties made it to the ORA™ Elite club in 2017.

Banner is excited to announce that Whisper Hollow made the cut again! The property is number 232 of 71,000 properties nationwide with a proud ORA score of 91. Dena and her team at Whisper Hollow take customer service and response to the next level. For more information on the ORA Power Ranking and scoring process by J Turner Research, CLICK HERE!

Our 2017 Q4 RAVE winners have been announced! Congrats to Penny Ennulat, Selina Owens, and Antjuan Collins!!! You can read more about their efforts on the below website:

We have many amazing entries this quarter. See below!

"Kellie transitioned over to Summermill at Falls River and Emma took over as property manager in November 2017. Emma has moved up from leasing consultant to property manager in under 2.5 years. She jumped in the role and has been doing an exemplary job at filling [her former Property Manager's] shoes. Emma learned from working under Kellie and has followed her lead in the managerial and role model position. Emma leads by example, she has an open door policy, and is always willing to work with her team to make sure everyone is happy and working effectively.I believe that Emma should win the RAVE award because she took on a major role with a partial team but has handled the responsibilities with determination and poise. I look up to Emma as a manager and mentor. I have already learned so much from Emma at my time at Tradition at Stonewater. I look forward to learning more, to watch her soar in her new position, and to maintain the integrity of Tradition at Stonewater." Emma Wells; Property Manager at Tradition at Stonewater - North Carolina

"Nick started last quarter, and shortly after Stonewood lost their Maintenance Supervisor. Nick jumped right in and without someone asking, started assisting Larry with maintenance items. His attitude was everything. On more than one occasion he could be heard saying "let's just get it done and knock these (work orders/make readies) out". A team effort was created and the maintenance and grounds work is being taken care of. The work Nick is doing is extremely helpful to the operation of the community as we have been really busy with turnovers in the past quarter. The work he is doing is above and beyond his job description." Nick Shreiber; Groundskeeper at Stonewood Village - Wisconsin

"Michael played an important role in the implementation of Rent Café. Aside from the time that he spent with the set up and roll out of the new resident portal, Michael also made himself available to solve the numerous issues that arose for our current and future residents. Michael was able to address their concerns while simultaneously transitioning back and forth from his daily tasks without letting either go overlooked. Michael is a valued part of the Banner Team that could be nominated quarter after quarter for a Rave Award, so it is easy to forget about his many contributions. Michael has always been someone that can handle numerous tasks at one time and is always looking for new ways to innovate and improve Banner." Michael DeFrang; Director of Marketing and Revenue Management - BPM Lisle

"This groundsman stepped up into [a] maintenance [technician position] temporarily from his grounds position because the maintenance team was short a player. Nick had no real experience in maintenance except for being around [the Regional Project Manager] and the Enclave maintenance staff for a couple of years on and off while he was in college on summer breaks. Nick has done a great job filling the shoes of a maintenance tech and has learned very quickly.This employee should win a RAVE award because of his efforts and his eagerness to learn quickly, and his profound work ethic. But most of all Nick went to work on Christmas eve after his supervisor called him to say he would have to go to work after the snow had stopped to spread ice melt on the entire property. He did so singlehandedly simply because he did not want to have the other maintenance staff to have to come in and leave their families on Christmas eve. This is a great example of selflessness. When Nick called his supervisor to tell him he was done and that he had taken care of the entire property Nick's supervisor was completely surprised and said I was intending on calling every one in but Nick had it all completed before the call was made. This is a great example of selflessness and extreme work ethic. Nick deserves this award." Nick Eisenbeis; Groundskeeper at The Enclave at Winghaven - Missouri

"[Natalie] demonstrated her composure in working through the leasing tasks as a new employee was being trained, and working as the only leasing consultant in the office for about a month. During this time, Natalie went above and beyond while managing her leasing tasks, to help support the property manager with other tasks that needed to be completed. She made herself available for last minute schedule changes, and overtime if necessary and was happy to do so! She worked through tasks given to her with no complaints, and came back with a smile asking what else she could do to help. Since her start at Tradition she has shown much professional growth and continuing confidence allowing her to help lead the team, especially during this quarter. Natalie toured over 100 prospects, had 39 approved applications, and her closing ratio was 26.67%!! Natalie has proven to be an extremely valuable part of the Tradition at Stonewater Team, and I am excited to watch her successes in the coming years!" "Natalie had a lot thrown at her as a new leasing consultant and a new Banner employee last quarter with new co-workers, a new supervisor, handling being short staffed, etc. At the start of the quarter a lot of staffing changes in our region left Natalie and a brand new manager to run a 351 unit, high energy property. Anyone would have been overwhelmed but Natalie not only stepped up to the plate she jumped over it and ran past it! She stepped in to assistant duties, juggled 52 leases, worked overtime with zero comments or complaints, managed a temp, and did not slip on any of her regular responsibilities. It is shocking how quickly she picked up on duties she had never been trained on and how seamlessly she rolled into a place of supporting the office without even being asked. Natalie truly exemplified what it means to be a Banner employee last quarter (and still is!). Her commitment to her supervisor and the company is admirable. In a time of change and stress she became the anchor of the office and grew tremendously professionally and personally. She is exactly what the RAVE award is about!" Natalie Cacchione; Leasing Consultant at Tradition at Stonewater - North Carolina

"A $37.5k cap project was completed in May to address leaking and moisture issues in the attics of all of the buildings at the property. In December, Rick responded to 2 service requests about bath exhaust vents leaking in bathrooms. He was quick to trouble shoot and make repairs and suggested that the contractors may need to come back and insulate all of the vent pipes in order to address the problem once and for all. In January, 2 more residents reported the same issue. Rick was sure that the solution he came up with worked as the 2 units had stopped leaking. He sent the contractor a professional and thorough email detailing the problem along with his suggested solution. The email was written with confidence and in a way that forced them to take ownership of their work. The contractor responded within an hour and scheduled the work for the following week with no discussion of warranty, cost, etc. and have since completed the work. Rick is very thorough in his work and consistently does an excellent job of trouble shooting issues in order to determine the best solution. Rick often takes photos and makes diagrams of various things in order to document and explain various maintenance issues and solutions. Rick could have passed the issue on to Donna, Bill, or me or he could have simply informed the contractor of the issue and asked them to come out. If handled differently, this would have likely resulted in more cost to the property. Instead, Rick exemplified the actions of a Maintenance Supervisor to RAVE about! One that knows his property, is quick to react, trouble shoots the issues, comes up with solutions, and takes action to resolve them." Rick Krause; Maintenance Supervisor at Glen Hills - Wisconsin

"Ryan truly deserves recognition for his outstanding work and terrific attitude. He was eager to help in the preparation of an upcoming HUD/REAC inspection at Autumn Ridge. Ryan worked independently on a property he was unfamiliar with and was very productive. He quickly prepared him self with the knowledge needed to make necessary repairs in all 210 apartment homes. His knowledge of plumbing, electrical, appliance repairs, flooring, repairs regarding safety concerns and all types of door repairs was exactly what the property needed. Ryan’s positive attitude and great work ethic is contagious. Thank you Ryan for stepping up and doing above and beyond." Ryan Jones; Maintenance Technician at The Greenway at Carol Stream

One of Banner's Core Values is Dedication. We are dedicated to the development of our team members. We participate in a shop program to ensure that we provide the best customer service to all residents and prospects. Here are our recent results:

Emerald Pointe Apartments – Vernon Hills, Illinois: Emerald Pointe Apartments received a perfect 100% total and benchmark scores on their November 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing associate was pleasant and eager to help…was very thorough and informative…seemed interested in having me live there…was very friendly and genuinely cared about their residents…I would have leased at Emerald Pointe based on the leasing associate’s presentation and it would be a nice place to live! Wonderful job!

Park 44 Apartments – St. Louis, Missouri: Park 44 Apartments also received a perfect 100% total and benchmark scores on their November 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing associate was awesome…had a bubbly personality and was more than eager to help…was informative on everything...had a great attitude and was a joy to work with…I loved the property and didn’t want to leave…Yes, I would have leased, as the leasing associate was amazing! Fabulous job!

The Wellington at Willow Bend – Plano, Texas: The Wellington at Willow Bend received a 100% benchmark score and 97.5% total score in their November 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing consultant was very courteous and polite…was very personable and professional…took the time to find out exactly what I wanted…the enthusiasm got me excited about living at the property…demonstrated all of the benefits…she did a great job of closing…yes, I would have leased based on the leasing consultant’s presentation!

Glen Hills Apartments – Glendale, Wisconsin: Glen Hills Apartments received a 100% benchmark score and 97% total score in their October 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing consultant was very friendly and courteous…was thorough and professional…had great customer focus, very impressive…seemed genuine and interested in help find the right apartment…was conversational and polite…asked questions to get to know my needs…gave a thorough demonstration….I would have leased at Glen Hills based on the leasing consultants presentation!

Summermill at Falls River – Raleigh, North Carolina: Summermill at Falls River received a 100% benchmark score and 95% total score in their September 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing associate was very professional and pleasant…was knowledgeable and very helpful…was warm, outgoing and inviting…made me want to be a part of the community…conveyed confidence in what the community could offer me…based on the leasing associate’s presentation, I would have leased at Summermill at Fall River!

Stonewood Village Apartments – Madison, Wisconsin: Stonewood Village Apartments received a benchmark score of 100% and a total score of 94.5% on their October 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing associate was very bubbly and upbeat…was bursting with energy and eager to assist…was kind and helpful from beginning to end…felt fully informed…answered my questions confidently and quickly…gave a personalized and helpful presentation…I would have leased based on the leasing associate’s presentation!

Enclave at Winghaven – O’Fallon, Missouri: Enclave at Winghaven received a benchmark score of 100% and a total score of 92.5% on their November 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing consultant was professional, personable, and outgoing…spoke confidently and quickly…presented the apartment fully with enthusiasm…. made me believe that I would love living there…was so welcoming and informative…based on the entire presentation by the leasing consultant, I would have leased at Enclave at Winghaven!

Riachi at One21 – Plano, Texas: Riachi at One21 received a 100% benchmark score and 90.5% total score in their September 2017 shop! The shopper said the leasing consultant was amazing…full of energy and life…was engaging throughout the entire tour… had a very personable attitude...had genuine focus on me the entire time…loved her bubbly attitude… had great eye contact …her spirit attracted others…was very detailed and knowledgeable…made me envision living there…had a approachable personality that gave me a sense of assurance…I would have leased at Riachi at One21 based on the leasing consultant’s presentation!

Ansley Falls Apartment Homes – Charlotte, North Carolina: Ansley Falls received a 90% benchmark score and 97.5% total score on their July 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing associate created a positive first impression…smiled and provided eye contact the entire time…was detailed and helpful…gave very valuable information…was engaging and was very persuasive…very knowledgeable and relatable…made me feel like top priority…yes, I would have leased at Ansley Falls based on the leasing associate’s presentation!

Tradition at Stonewater – Cary, North Carolina: Tradition at Stonewater received a benchmark score of 90% and a total score of 94.5% in their July 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing consultant was very friendly and professional…was warm and inviting in her approach…demonstrated a strong willingness to help…emphasized the wonderful amenities…was helpful and knowledgeable…made sure all of my needs were met…was personable…made me feel comfortable and relaxed…based on the leasing consultant’s personality, I would have leased at Tradition at Stonewater!

Parkside at South Tryon – Charlotte, North Carolina: Parkside at South Tryon received a benchmark score of 90% and a total score of 94.5% on their November 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing consultant had a nice attitude…was very welcoming and inviting…payed attention to every detail…had a conversational approach and easily created rapport…very professional and fulfilled all of my needs…she was great…I would have leased at Parkside at South Tryon based on the leasing consultant’s presentation!

Residences at Fountain Square Senior Apartments– Waukegan, Illinois: Residences at Fountain Square received a benchmark score of 90% and a total score of 93% in their September 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing associate was positive and enthusiastic throughout the visit…had great pride in the community and it showed…was polite and helpful with the residents…was welcoming and eager to help my grandmother…attitude conveyed concern and well-being for the residents…based on the leasing associate’s presentation, I would have leased at Residences at Fountain Square!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Q3 RAVE Awards, and to honor all the nominees by sharing the good things they were up to last quarter! Thank you to those who took time out of their busy schedules to give their Banner teammates some much deserved praise and recognition. We had a lot of entries for Q3 which made it tough, but the voting committee selected the following entries as our Q3 winners (

Regina Hughes – Office Team Member Q3 Rave Award Recipient

John Lewis – Maintenance Team Member Q3 RAVE Award Recipient

Colleen LeRose – Corporate Team Member Q3 RAVE Award Recipient

With all the great entries this quarter, we wished that there could be more than one award given per category! Please continue to read about all of the wonderful RAVE worthy submissions that we received from and about your peers and co-workers:

Office Team Members:

Donna Holzberger; Property Manager, Glen Hills - Glendale, Wisconsin

Zack Bagot; Assistant Manager, Parkside at South Tryon - Charlotte, North Carolina

Maintenance Team Members:

Bret Fowler; Maintenance Supervisor, Westview Apartments - St. Joseph, Michigan

Shanelle Whiting; Maintenance Supervisor, Goodlette Arms (Full Circle) - Naples, Florida

Jeff Pocuis; Maintenance Technician, Autumn Ridge - Carol Stream, Illinois

Dallas Miller; Maintenance Technician, Autumn Ridge - Carol Stream, Illinois

Larry West; Maintenance Technician, Stonewood Village - Madison, Wisconsin

Antjuan Collins; Maintenance Supervisor, Ansley Falls Apartment Homes - Charlotte, North Carolina

Corporate Team Members:

Ken Eisenbeis; Project Manager – Missouri/Texas/North Carolina

Tami Hess; Payrolls Specialist – Northbrook, Illinois Irena Goblin/Jennifer Boyd; Property Accountants – Northbrook, Illinois

Penny Ennulat; Systems Educator & Support Specialist – Everywhere

Fred Langtry; General Counsel – Northbrook, Illinois

We know that Summer is a particularly busy time for most of our team members so we want to send a special THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to nominate a RAVE worthy co-worker or peer, as well as to all of those who received a RAVE submission! There were three specific team members that stood out for going above and beyond this quarter. Read the comments below to see what fellow Banner Employees (and Residents!!!) had to say about the RAVE Winners and their outstanding achievements this past quarter!

Emma Wells - Office Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient

Assistant Property Manager, Tradition at Stonewater- North Carolina

"Emma was promoted to an Assistant [Manager] position in January of 2017. She immediately dove into her new responsibilities with tenacity and sharp attention to detail, taking every moment as a chance to learn and grow. Last quarter she averaged .03% in delinquency, her lowest .01% in June with only $26.26 [outstanding]. She exhibited strengths of those that have worked in the industry for years and has been such an amazing support system to [the Property Manager] and the two new leasing consultants. . . . Emma has found a way to expertly handle her new responsibilities while continuing to be a guide and resource to two leasing consultants brand new to our industry. She comes to our office every day ready to tackle a new challenge and has such a strong drive to master every aspect of her job."

Andrew Kilpatrick- Maintenance Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient

Maintenance Technician, The Enclave at Winghaven- Missouri

Andrew received [the below] Satisfacts [review] from a resident: "Andrew was fantastic! He arrived to a flood. The kitchen, entry way, dining area and master bath were soaked. The toilets wouldn't flush. I was at work. My disabled mother and minor teenager were the only ones there. As soon as Andrew arrived he took control of the situation. Got a plumber and [the contractors were] there [in] record time especially since it was the middle of the night. He took care of moving furniture. He calmed my Mother's nerves and reassured her that everything would be fine. This allowed me to stay at work. He made sure everything was done before he left. He even went a step above by leveling my dryer and taking the trash out for me! He saved the night!!! Very polite, professional, knowledgeable and a genuinely good person!!"

Shawna Lipp - Corporate Team Member Q2 RAVE Award Recipient

Regional Manager - MO, TX

"I have seen a tremendous change in the way the STL Region operates and performs [since Shawna joined the Banner Family]. I know that she is doing more than just what is expected of her because I have never seen the STL Region run this well in the past. Shawna has found a way to not only hold all of her properties accountable for every little phase of operations and procedures but she has also had a great effect on [her whole team] as well. ...[T]he way Shawna runs her area has become Infectious [and] she has made me better at my job as well just by being involved in all aspects of our systems and operations. There is so much that has changed for the better in the STL Region since Shawna put on those Ruby Red Banner Slippers. [Some of her accomplishments include]: • Introduced the Site Audit Pro to every one for Inspections of all kinds. • Introduced the use of Shared Google Sheets that help everyone keep track of Projects and Up Grades. • Worked with the property managers to clean up areas such as Patio’s & Balconies and Common Stairwells. • Inspected and followed up on Interior & Exterior Property Repairs on all of her properties diligently. • Holds all her properties to their budgets. • She has raised the standard of the Property Conditions for all of her properties Interiors & Exteriors. • She has involved the Maintenance Teams in a lot of things that they previously had no participation in like, Cap-X Budget preparations, asking them for Ideas of ways to improve their properties, gathering staffs to help with the needy on several occasions. • Shawna has helped out with the North Carolina Region when we were down a Regional Manager in this area. • Shawna has also helped us with resistant contractors simply by calling a meeting to steam line time lines. [Shawna] always goes above and beyond the call of duty to do an extraordinary job taking care of her properties and people. She has a great hold on the goals and accountability for her region. [She] has dramatically changed the climate of her area.
Although there were fewer submissions for Q2, There are still some amazing things that you have been up to this past quarter and we want to recognize you all for it! Please read on to see other RAVE worthy submissions we received about your fellow co-workers and peers!

Ivis Montero; Property Accounting Manager - BPM Corporate Northbrook, IL

"[Ivis has a strong] desire to set a positive leadership example.Over the past two quarters, Ivis has been open to not only having her team assemble with our training group to: 1.) create a more regular and on-going dialogue about training and support so that small issues that cause hiccups in the timely financial reporting process can be knocked out, but also 2.) encouraging learning opportunities in communication, etc. She has spearheaded team meetings with Penny and Lindsey to open up positive lines of communication between several departments (training, accounting, operations). Terrific attitude about improving relations between different teams in the company."

Arnulfo (Alex) Martinez; Maintenance Supervisor at Autumn Ridge - Illinois

"[Alex] has installed new lighting in hallways, painted fire hydrants, planted flowers as well as come in early to water the bushes when weather was extremely hot. He can be frugal because he prefers to fix everything and has a wonderful personality. He is a breath of fresh air and I am lucky to have him as my Maintenance Supervisor. Mr. Martinez is an excellent leader, extremely knowledgeable and reliable. He has been an asset to the property and the company."

Kellie Wingold; Property Manager at Tradition at Stonewater - North Carolina

"[Kellie has excelled at] creating an amazing work team and environment! Over the past several months, our office transformed into a whole new team and a whole new office. We have had member’s leave, member’s join, and member’s move around to different positions within the office. And not to mention, our office was under construction during all of the shuffling! Throughout all the juggling and changes, Kellie has remained a source of consistency within the office. Not only is she selecting new team members, and filling holes where needed, she is focused on training our team and creating a work environment for all of us to thrive. Kellie provides the tools needed to succeed for our team, and is always open to help along the way or answer any questions we have. She has truly been the stability in our office as we undergo all kinds of changing!"

To ensure that our prospects and residents receive the very best customer experience, Banner actively shops employees on their leasing presentations and apartment tours. Recent shops show very high scores for multiple communities:

The Lincoln Apartments - Raleigh, North Carolina: The Lincoln received a 100% total score and 100% benchmark score for their March 2017 shop! The shopper said that the leasing associate had a great attitude and smile...was upbeat and high energy…was very positive and welcoming…was very detailed in showing off the community… closing efforts were very sincere…my overall visit was great…based on the leasing associates attitude and presentation, I would have leased at The Lincoln! Wonderful Job!

Summermill at Falls River – Raleigh, North Carolina: Summermill at Falls River received a 97.5% total score and 100% benchmark score on their June 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing professional had a cheerful attitude and was very upbeat…was very knowledgeable about the community… a very good listener… able to translate my needs into an action plan…knew the community well and was warm and welcoming…based on the leasing professional’s presentation, I would have leased at Summermill at Falls River Apartments!

Whisper Hollow Apartments – Maryland Heights, Missouri: Whisper Hollow received a total score of 96.5% and a benchmark score of 100% on their June 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing consultant had a bubbly personality…had an impressed knowledge of the community…had a good attitude…her personality made me feel very comfortable…was very professional…it was a good visit…the presentation really catered to my needs…I would have leased at Whisper Hollow based on the leasing consultant’s presentation!

The Wellington at Willow Bend – Plano, Texas: The Wellington at Willow Bend received a total score of 94.3% and a benchmark score of 100% on their January 2017 shop. The shopper said that the leasing associate was friendly and very polite…seemed genuinely interested in helping me…really tailored the presentation to fit my needs…lead the tour with friendliness and confidence…was very helpful and sincere…based on the leasing associate’s presentation, I would have leased at The Wellington at Willow Bend!

Villagebrook Apartments – Carol Stream, Illinois: Villagebrook Apartments received a total score of 93.5% and a benchmark score of 90% in their June 2017 shop! The shopper said the leasing associate was very nice and friendly…has a warm and welcoming attitude…was very proud and confident about the community…has a genuine interest in helping me…was professional and knowledgeable…based on the leasing associate’s presentation, I would have leased at Villagebrook!

Park 44 Apartments – St. Louis, Missouri: Park 44 Apartments received a total score of 91.5% and a benchmark score of 100% in their June 2017 shop. The shopper said the leasing consultant was very polite and welcoming…conveyed warmth and had a positive aura…was very knowledgeable about the community…very professional and organized…I would have leased at Park 44 bases on the leasing consultant’s presentation!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate a RAVE worthy co-worker or peer, as well as to all of those who received a RAVE submission. We are truly so lucky to have each of you on our Banner Team! I wish we could have many winners in each of the categories, but there were 4 winners that stood out this quarter. Read the comments below to see what fellow Banner Employees had to say about the RAVE Winners and their outstanding achievements this past quarter!

Tenisha Ameen - Office Team Member Q1 RAVE Award Recipient

••Property Manager, Autumn Ridge- Illinois

•"The Lisle Office received a phone call from Police Officer Petragallo in Carol Stream on 3/10. Officer Petragallo wanted to speak with the supervisor of Tenisha and sing her praises. The Officer said that Tenisha was driven to take care of problems at her property for the well being of her residents. He also said that her attention to detail was refreshing and beneficial to himself and the rest of the force. He has been a Police Officer in Carol Stream for 25 years and had yet to work with someone with her caliber of care." •"Tenisha joined the Banner team in June 2016 as Property Manager of a community that has historically been very difficult to collect from the residents. It is a Section 8 and Tax Credit blended property with many long-term residents who have been used to paying late, not paying the total balance, splitting partial payments, or not paying at all. Additionally, there is a language barrier as many of the residents are from Iran and do not speak English. After Tenisha found her groove as a new manager, she became a Lean, Mean Collecting Machine! Tenisha first sent letters to the residents to establish the correct payment policy, then began a ruthless crusade to get the property collections back up to where it should be. She sent 5 and 10 Day notices in a timely manner, filed evictions promptly when needed, refused partial payments by returning checks if not paid in full, meticulously documented resident conversations, made numerous phone calls and small balance letters, and did whatever it took to reduce the delinquency to where it sits today at .6% on the 15th of the month. This may sound like an easy number to achieve to some, but it has been an uphill battle to get there from her property average of 3.5% - 4% and Tenisha [should be] recognized for her hard work."

Michael Cooper- Maintenance Team Member Q1 RAVE Award Recipient

•• Maintenance Supervisor, Riach@One21 - Texas

•"[Michael] took it upon him self to locate, install and test an alternative refrigerant to replace the R-22 refrigerant that is currently inside of the refrigerant circuits of his Unit HVAC Systems. When Michael finished his testing of this new refrigerant replacement [the cost savings were] $444.00 per 30 LB jug of refrigerant. ... [S]ince Michael's property is in TX we knew this refrigerant replacement would work in all climates in Banner's portfolio. [Michael put together a] procedure for replacing current R-22 refrigerant containing A/C Units refrigerants with the new replacement refrigerant MO-99. Michael put together the detailed procedure ... and Cheryl Brock approved this to be done through out all of our Banner Properties. Micheal Cooper should be rewarded for his forward thinking attitude and his take ownership approach to the bottom line. Michael has always been a great asset ... because he is all ways willing to help weather it is to solve issues at his own property or other neighboring properties or even to travel out of state to help with [Due Diligence] for acquisitions. Michael will save his property and all of Banner's properties a lot of money with this idea." •"Michael is a supervisor that likes to find ways to save money with the changing times. When he heard that R22 was being phased out and sites would need to convert to MO99 he went out of his way to document how to go about converting the systems in the most cost-effective way. He even went a step farther and compared a current R22 System to the new MO99 version and found that the MO99 was cooling just as well if not better than the old R22 system. He loves to share his ideas and is always willing to help where ever he is needed." •"Michael Cooper ... took it upon himself to investigate alternative options to replace the diminishing supply of R22. He researched and reported on a viable option that will reduce cost [and] save on time spent replacing units. His findings were then sent out company wide. His time and effort was not only to save his property money, but Banner as a whole. Michael has always taken on challenges like this to find the best possible solution while maintaining the level of service our residents deserve."

Lindsey Colby & Greg Schwantes - Corporate Team Member Q1 RAVE Award Recipients

•• Employee Development & Policy Specialist & Property Support Specialist- Lisle, Illinois

•"Lindsey and Greg ... were both instrumental in not only getting approval to change our bonus structure, but also in the development, construction, presentation, and implementation of what became our new quarterly bonus program. Many of us have talked about wanting to see a change in the bonus structure for years, but it would not have come to fruition without them. They both contributed valuable insight and recommendations for the items to measure and how to measure them, and spent countless hours over several months working through every step from start to finish. Lindsey used her operational expertise and Greg used both his operational knowledge and his spreadsheet wizardry to create a challenging yet exciting opportunity for our property management teams to have direct control over their bonus potential. [W]e should all be extremely grateful for the passion and dedication that they put into this huge undertaking!"

There are some amazing things that you have been up to this past quarter and we want to recognize you all for it! Please read on to see other RAVE worthy submissions we received about your fellow co-workers and peers!

"Dale is always such a pleasure to work with- and he's always coming up with great ideas! We offer a locally sourced coffee bar for our residents that's available for use from 5 AM to 8 PM. It came to our attention that the residents were plugging in the coffee bar after hours. Our coffee costs were going through the roof! It was Dale's great idea to punch a hole through the wall and put the coffee machine on a timer! With the timer being in our office, residents are not able to access the coffee machine after 8 PM and we're saving a great deal this month on coffee I'm sure!"
Dale Beal; Maintenance Technician at The Lincoln - North Carolina

"Christina has been working [with the Banner Property Management Team] on correcting [Certificate of Insurance] and Short Form Contracts at the properties. She is taking on reviewing our COI requirements and seeing if we need the same limits for all types of vendors. She is also looking into if we could use a different type of contract for our samller vendors. This project is bigger and more complicated then we first thought and she has been very helpful and always eager to help. I feel Christina needs [to be] recognized for all of her behind the scenes work she is doing."
Christina Chieffo; Corporate Counsel - Illinois

•Jamee started at Garden Estates in late November after the property had been short staffed for months and various items started to pile up. Whereas some people may have become overwhelmed, Jamee seemed to dive right in with trying to get everything in order. Instead of waiting for instructions, Jamee asks questions. While I was at the property yesterday to help out with files, Jamee pointed out a drawer which contained Annual Certification paperwork. She asked that I train her on how to process this paperwork so she can get all the files in order. Even though this wasn’t part of her job, she saw something that needed to be completed, and made it her job." "Jamee joined Garden Estates during a tumultuous time of employee turnover and some days it seemed the property would just fall off the edge of the earth. At the time, there was no baseline of how the property "should" run as everything was being reinvented to follow proper operational guidelines. Without a strong history to follow, Jamee really took this new role and ran with it to truly make it her own. From day one she treated each and every resident like gold and is a ray of sunshine in her pleasant phone manner and willingness to help. Residents often comment about how courteous she is and how great it is to have such nice people like her working in the office. She is eager to learn and absorb everything about the property and affordable housing guidelines. She is polite, professional, and to the point. She follows up with her team when needed, completes her work in a timely manner, and has become a wonderful front line office team member for the residents. Jamee is being recognized for jumping on board so quickly and putting her own smiling happy face stamp on the property in the first quarter of 2017."
Jamee Miller; Assistant Manager at Garden Estates - Indiana

"Steve has been a wonderful support for providing guidance on employee coaching and disciplinary issues in the first quarter (and always). Unfortunately we have been faced with a lot of turnover recently and I am sure he is overwhelmed with our seemingly constant employee issues, but he is always willing to help. Steve deserves a RAVE award for the first quarter because we keep throwing these terrible situations at him and he has taken it like a champ. More importantly, the performance webinar he delivered in March is a great example of how he puts a lot of effort to encourage team development and offer the best strategies for coaching and discipline. I feel that Steve is a great resource for the teams and encourages good coaching and development skills."
Steve Matre; Director of Education and Human Resources - Northbrook, Illinois

"Bill was the sole communicator and representative for our Company following the fire at the Metropolitan in Raleigh, North Carolina. Calls from reporters, emergency responders, near by businesses, and local displaced residents flooded the phones for weeks requesting the need to speak to a representative from our Company. This was an emotionally devastating and heavy burden to carry for one individual and he should be recognized for his efforts."
Bill Henry; President of Banner Development - Northbrook, Illinois

"David is always willing to go the extra mile. David assumed the position of Maintenance Supervisor because of his hard work and dedication to The Wellington. David managed to keep work orders completed and make readies within the turn time all while being the only maintenance team member here and learning his new position. Residents continue to rate David highly on all his Satisfacts scores. David never complains about anything and is always willing to take on new projects. David has displayed outstanding work ethic and continues to grow and embrace the Banner spirit."
David Teater; Maintenance Supervisor at The Wellington - Texas

"Banner Property Management has historically focused on the management of multi-family apartment housing. With added investment intentions in storage and other deals, Scott knew that Banner needed to refresh the branding for what the Company reflected today. Although this was a coordinated effort, Scott worked on finding and presenting the new Banner Real Estate Group name to the Board of Directors to make sure all of Banner's investment efforts were clearly branded and well represented. Scott worked on and sat in on all presentations for the overall logo refresh including the thought behind our revamped Banner logo, while maintaining the history and relevance to the Banner flags that have represented our Company so well throughout the years. Scott pushed himself outside of his comfort zone to work with the Marketing Director and work to create a new branding that represented the Banner of today."
Scott Levine; Vice President of Investor Relations - Northbrook, Illinois

"Bill is an outstanding Maintenance Supervisor who takes pride in the work he does daily. He also works terrific under pressure and can make a difficult situation into a positive learning experience for the rest of his maintenance team and the client effected by the problem. In February of this year we had a first floor home water pipe break under the concrete floor in the kitchen of an occupied home. The work needed to be done in a short period of time was extensive and needed outstanding supervision to make sure everything was done correctly and in an efficient manor. This issue effected 6 apartment homes that had to be with out running water in their kitchens for several days. Bill and his team worked together to make sure all residents were inconvenienced as little as possible. The resident in the first floor home had to be moved to a hotel and the apartment had extensive repairs. The repairs included locating the leak, tearing the kitchen floor out of the home, digging up the concrete, making plumbing repairs and reinstalling concrete in the apartment. Bill supervised the plumbing crew daily to make sure the work was completed correctly and in a timely matter. Bill and his team worked over time on the weekend to accommodate getting the resident back into their home faster then expected without any major issues. The residents were delighted to hear that instead of staying in the hotel for an additional 2 days, they were able to get back in their home on Saturday after maintenance completed the kitchen floor, counter top, kitchen sink and hook up was completed. All residents effected by the plumbing issue were very happy with the communication Bill provided on the progress and the repairs that were completed. Bill's customer service is outstanding and I am lucky to have him as part of The Greenway Team."
Bill Pedersen; Maintenance Supervisor at The Greenway - Illinois

"Jen's office is like the deli counter - take a number. She is extremely educated (Bach, JD, MST, MBA) - and is an invaluable resource. Her viewpoint is warm, but pragmatic. Inasmuch, she is a wonderful sounding board. Having her available as a second set of eyes has been terrific. She gets pulled into so many different areas of our company's businesses, but the real gift we give each other is our interaction - and she is always receptive and makes herself available."
Jen Nichols; Associate General Counsel - Northbrook, Illinois

"During our due diligence last week, Jill coordinated all the files for the 4 auditors and all the keys for inspections. This is no easy task, since there were numerous inspections going on at one time, along with make readies and work orders and routine pest control to be completed. There were 3 groups of walkers who requested keys to be pulled for an entire building (approximately 20 keys), along with environmental, engineering, lenders, and Freddie Mac. She was able to keep both the inspectors and the walkers busy with no down time for them waiting on a file or a key. The due diligence was completed before scheduled, thus allowing our office to get back to normal."
Jill Patterson; Assistant Manager at The Meadows - Kansas

"During the first quarter, Michael continued to show his stellar work ethic while finding time to tackle multiple projects. Michael was able to take on the roll-out and training of RentDynamics which has been meet with great excitement. Additionally, Michael played a pivotal role in the re-branding of Banner and the roll-out of the new Banner website. This was a project that included many changes during the process and his consideration of every detail was invaluable. The new logo was introduced during an event that was coordinated by Michael and featured a presentation that he himself conducted. Michael even spent the time to update the Banner corporate collateral with a new printer that even offered lower prices."
Michael DeFrang; Director of Marketing & Revenue Management - Lisle, Illinois

"On Sunday, February 26th Brian received an Emergency on-call message about power in half of the residents apartments not working. Upon his quick response he had determined that there was an electrical issue in the entire 690 building that was disabling power to half of the apartments. Some apartments without power to their refrigerator and some without heat. Brian came up with a brilliant idea to restore power to each residents apartment manually after getting the okay from the electrician eliminating the need to have the electrician come out on an emergency call (With their emergency rate pricing). Brian communicated with each resident in person and on the phone and explained what was going on making our residents informed and happy with his immediate repair to the issue. Originally we were notified by ComEd that the issue was our responsibility to repair. Brian was persistent and communicated with ComEd which resulted in ComEd overturning their original claim and had taken over responsibility for the repair. Currently the final repair to be made by ComEd is still pending. If not for Brian's quick thinking and experience our residents would STILL be without power (10 days)."
Brian Ericksen; Maintenance Supervisor at Emerald Pointe - Illinois

"Penny assisted me with cleaning up my ledgers and DHA payments. Penny is always helpful and knowledgeable. She is a wealth of information and I enjoy when she comes to my site because we get so much accomplished."
Penny Ennulat; Systems Educator & Support Specialist - Indiana

"These two pulled together and rocked it to keep Whisper Hollow a float during a time of great need. Last fall we lost our grounds keeper and our make ready tech. We went almost 6 months short handed. We did have help on occasion from BG Staffing (temp service) but a lot of the time it was just the two of them. The past quarter the two miracle workers were able to provide excellent customer service while keeping an upbeat and positive disposition. On top of routine maintenance and make readies they helped remodel the club house restrooms, moved furniture and put new desks together. Both of them at one point were ill and still came into work placing the needs of our residents and community first."
Stirling Porter & Sterling Wicks; Maintenance Supervisor & Assistant Supervisor at Whisper Hollow - Missouri

"Imagine getting the call at 9 pm that the project you have been working on for the past 18 months is up in flames. Not your ordinary fire (as if you could call any fire ordinary) but the worst fire in the City since the 1920's and it started at your building... The Metropolitan was in the final stages as it was suppose to open in August. I believe Jim deserves The Rave Award not only due to his efforts to bring us a solid product on time but also his professionalism and wonderful disposition dealing with all the fall out."
Jim Merkey; VP of Construction for Banner Development

"During a sale and due diligence of a property, the property has to be in tip top shape. Even though this is part of their everyday job, extra care has to be shown in work orders, daily trash pick ups, make readies, etc. Also, the staff needs to address any issues that arise from the due diligence quickly due to the time sensitiveness of the contract signing. [T]hey have worked under pressure of ensuring the property is up to snuff, getting make readies done with in the 7 day window per policy and everything else that is involved in the daily running of the property."
Meadows Maintenance Team; The Meadows - Kansas

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